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B3.5SM Titano Lusso combines the specs of B3.5SM range about reliability and strenght with a simil “ice” pilishing and surface treatment. The polishing process is made by italian artisans and it requires ability to keep the surface bright and hi-tech looking. The frame trnasmit a sense of good machinaries processes and high level of finishing.

Series B3.5SM

The unmistakable style and design which have marked for decades the line of the best Breda semiautomatic shotguns is offered again today with the new B3.5 Super Magnum conceived for the use of the powerful cartridges cal. 12 Super Magnum of 89 mm (3 1/2”) but also in condition to shoot the less powerful cartridges of 76 mm (3”) and 70 mm (2 3/4”).

This gun is proposed in a synthetic version with stock and forend made of Rilsan fiberglass reinforced resin, tough, durable, anti-scratch and which doesn’t fear humidity. The frame and the barrel finish is matte black and matches well with the black stock and forend. For hunters who desire a gun that camouflages itself with the surrounding environment Breda proposes the Camo version.

FunctioningSemiautomatic shotgun inertia system
Locking systemBy rotating locking head
Gauge12 gauge
Chamber89mm, 3,5'' supermagnum
Stock and fore-endSynthetic stock and fore-end. Soft-touch covering treatment for a better feeling and better holding during wet wether conditions. Heel insert for a better sensation of the recoil and faster shooting
Drop at heelRight and left ; 55 mounted 65 , 60 and 50 available in the case
ReceiverMade in ergal,7axis cnc machined, upper receiver made in steel
Receiver finishingUpper and lower receiver sandblasted; the upper is blued and the lower is special nickeled
SightHigh luminosity fiber optic
SafetyTransverse botton behind the trigger with red "ready to shoot" signal
Trigger guardTechnopolymer matte finishing
Trigger weightBetween 2,2kg and 2,5kg
Recoil padHigh density pad modeeling with stock
MagazineWithout plug 4 rounds of 12/76; 2 round with plug fitted. Magazine extension available
Barrel lenght available26'', 28'' and 30'' SUPERMAGNUM, steel ammunition proof