Breda has designed its B12i sporting shotgun by expanding and introducing new technologies, thus reaching its fourth generation and giving birth to Breda B12i T4, an excellent “competition-ready” shotgun that has various standard features designed for IPSC shooting, without the need for further modifications or accessories. The fourth generation responds to the demands of the most demanding shooters and comes with multiple strengths essential for the sporting platform for which it is designed.

As with the previous version, emphasis has been placed on the importance of kinematic speed, leading to the creation of a rifle that outperforms most of the rifles on the out-of-the-box market in terms of firing cycle speed.

The improvements and implementations made in 2022 have made the B12i T4 sporting shotgun a highly professional product for athletes all over the world:

  • new ergonomics achieved thanks to a completely redesigned synthetic fore-end to ensure optimal grip even in the most difficult conditions. A small detail that Breda has studied is the raised profile of the fore-end to ensure greater protection of the barrel. In addition, the joint between the receiver and barrel has been reduced to a minimum, becoming almost imperceptible and extremely smooth and fluid
  • bolt handle is ambidextrous out of the box, making it possible to fit it on either the right or left side without the need for further modifications
  • the loading port has been enlarged compared to the previous model
  • a generous cartridge invitation makes loading easier and faster
  • an off-centre bolt release button eases quad-loading and prevents cartridges from being caught in the hand
  • a new pistol grip configuration, which allows a more stable and easier grip, also reducing recoil. All completed by an open sight barrel that facilitates aiming for foolproof shots.
Series B12i T4

As for the previous versions, B12i T4 comes in different finishes, from the more classic to the more bold. Our partnership with the well-known brand Cerakote, world leader in high-temperature ceramic coatings, continues, ensuring the product's high chemical and thermal resistance, as well as abrasion, wear and corrosion resistance.

B12i T4 sporting shotgun is available in a light grey, dark grey, matte black and camouflage-effect pattern Cerakote finish.

Novelties of the fourth generation do not end with technical improvements alone, however; B12i T4 also boasts a range of options and accessories to further customize your shotgun.