The receiver of Zenith Lite Sport has an essential and fierce design with a beautiful titanium grey color: the receiver is neat with only Breda logo engraved on both sides and the name of the model on the bottom plate. The finishing has a micro-shot peening effect on the upper part of the receiver, creating a delicate contrast with the smoothness of the lower part. The barrels in 12ga and chambered 76 with polished finishing, tapered rib and interchangeable chokes are perfect for sporting shooting. The pairing between chokes and barrels is almost imperceptible thanks to the precision of the bore on the muzzle (18.6) and to concentricity of chokes.

Barrels of Breda Zenith Lite sport have been specifically designed for sporting shooting, made with selected raw materials in order to obtain the best result both for technical and ballistic performance.

ZENITH Lite Sport weighs 3,44kg with 28” (71cm) barrels (weight may vary based on density of the woods).

Series Zenith Lite

In the wake of the great success of Zenith range, Breda created the new ZENITH LITE, a line of O&U which keep the same mechanic and construction features of the platform Zenith, but with a neater and linear design in order to make it a perfect crossover between sporting and hunting world, but also the ideal choice for those who are moving their first steps into clay shooting and would like a solution with cutting-edge technology and a modest price.

ZENITH Lite is made of a receiver with a slim profile of 41mm (instead of 44mm as for Zenith) for a faster and easier wielding. On the inside, the mechanical core of Zenith line ensuring quality and accuracy without any compromise.

ZENITH Lite is available with 28” (71cm) or 30” (76cm) sporting barrels, tapered rib 10x8mm and interchangeable chokes (flush) 70mm or int-ext. chokes 90mm. Also available with 30” (76cm) trap barrels, flat rib 10x10 and fixed chokes (3/4-1/1).

Side ribs pair perfectly with the profile of barrels; the pairing is carried out manually to obtain the highest grade of quality.

Barrels are made with an 80mm long forcing cone, completely conic, with the aim of reducing recoil to the minimum and ensure a perfect shot pattern.

Stock and fore-end of Zenith Lite are in walnut wood, naturally dried in order to make them resistant. Oiling is carried out manually for an optimal result, for which it takes no less than seven days.