Zenith L Black. The charm of deep black.

In the wake of the great success of Zenith range, Breda wanted to celebrate timeless style of ornate engravings combining them to cutting-edge technology. From this union, Zenith L was born.

The essential starting point to obtain such high quality, typical of Breda “L”, is the study and optimal preparation of surfaces obtained through several brushing and polishing operations done completely by hand.

Once the receiver is completely ready, engraving is carried out using a dual technique: preparation of the outline with laser and manual engraving for the finishing and details.

Zenith L bears the signature of Master Engraver Dario Cortini.

The exclusive process of double burnishing is then carried out to complete the finishing of the receiver and in order to exponentially enhance the effect of the precious engraving and of the several operations of manual polishing.

Moreover, this special treatment ensures an unrivalled protection of the surfaces and a better smoothness between moving parts.

Aesthetics is followed by technology: Zenith L embodies all of Zenith’s technical merits, in particular the inside of the barrels, which undergoes a meticulous polishing process and is combined with a 90mm forcing cone in order to obtain an extremely accurate barrel with a well distributed shot-pattern and a mild recoil for a better shot stability and shot doubling. The bore chosen for Zenith L barrels is 18,60mm for sporting or trap version with interchangeable chokes and 18,40 for trap version with fixed chokes.

Everything is completed by the use of superior grade walnut wood, in particular for Zenith L we use a class 3 wood, meticulously hand-polished and oiled.

Descriptive diagram of the proportion of Zenith stocks for Trap and Sporting version:



Series Zenith L Silver