Italian design and
technological know-how

Continuous evolution for sports and hunting shotguns signed by Breda

Breda semiautomatic shotguns are undoubtedly among the most appreciated in the world by hunters and sports shooters. What are the reasons for this success that has lasted over a century? First-classmaterials, impeccable mechanical workmanship and state-of-the-art assembly are the features that distinguish the high value-added production that characterises Breda brand, both for the production of hunting and sporting firearms. The know-how acquired over decades of history, as well as the experience and the technical ability of the staff employed in the company, combine innovation and technological development to offer the market safe, reliable, durable products that never make compromises with design and comfort.

Shared design

The development, design and technical engineering of Breda sporting and hunting shotguns are processes carried out by the company’s in-house team which, thanks to high levels of skills in the complex fields of ballistics, engineering, and mechanics, is able to conceptualise every aspect of the weapon. Moreover, the close and constant collaboration with experienced shooters from all over the world participating in the most important international competitions allows us to study solutions that fully meet the needs of the sports world, which are often later adapted to the Breda hunting series.

Mechanical processing and treatments

The constant search for the best raw materials, combined with a perfect knowledge of the metallurgical field, are the fundamental bases on which Breda production rests. Once the chosen materials have been selected, the expert hands of the craftsmen of the Brescia district – typically recognised as a leader in machining and metal treatments – shape the project by creating a high-performance product. Sport and hunting shotguns enter the market in total safety, in the name of quality and design made in Italy.


The history of Breda shotguns has its roots in one of the most renowned industrial groups of the 20th century in Italy. Since then, Breda shooting and hunting shotguns have become a true icon in the world of sport shooting and in the art of hunting, gaining a place of honour in the hearts of those who still today preserve their own weapons with care and dedication. Breda is history, it is emotion, it is passion, it is family.


Breda brings its creations to life in the armoury district of Val Trompia, Brescia, where master craftmens with long experience and superfine taste operate their craft. The precious decorations are conceived and designed by artists and master engravers who create suggestive plant compositions, modern avant-garde themes, evocative faunal scenes or even graceful metaphorical figures, capable of giving Breda shotguns a refined and elegant style, always recognisable and to great effect.


First-class materials, impeccable mechanical workmanship and state-of-the-art assembly are the advantages of a high added-value production that characterises the Breda brand for the production of shooting and hunting shotguns. Once the raw materials have been selected, the expert hands of the artisans proceed with the mechanical processing and surface treatments to create a highly performing product.