Zenith black edition. Elegance and refinement.

Breda breaks into the market with a really new shotgun, designed and produced without compromise with the advice of the best specialists in the sector.

Zenith is born for shooting and competitions.

Several of the best professionals contributed to setting the stocks, the position of the shouldering, the weights, the technical peculiarity of the barrels, the balance of the shotgun, the shots, the adjustments and all the technical details that led Zenith to be a real revolution in the world of over&under shotguns.

Zenith also stands out for its aesthetics, which offers a unique engraving with a modern style whose design was entrusted to the master engraver Dario Cortini, who created the most important engravings for Breda top range products.

The leitmotiv of the new over&under is innovation, starting from the theme of engraving never used in the past, to arrive at the high-tech element represented by the internal profile of the barrels: subjected to a meticulous polishing process and associated with a junction cone of 90 mm results in an extremely precise barrel with well distributed patterns and a mitigated recoil for better shooting stability also in case of doubled shot. The drilling chosen for the Zenith barrels is 18.60 mm.

Zenith has been designed with all the due specifications to meet the needs of the TRAP and SPORTING worlds.


The over&under for Trap is a specific, professional tool, born for this discipline from every point of view. The optimal balance, the constant shots, the fast and precise wielding are essential conditions for a trap over&under.

Zenith breaks into the world of Trap with a slim line, very thin thanks to a low profile obtained with a deep engineering design work.

With its center of gravity perfectly positioned, Zenith gives the shooter the feeling of being a natural extension of his body.


The Sporting over&under has stock and fore-end made with balancing and measures dedicated to the sporting discipline. Also the weights are reviewed in a Sporting perspective.

The master gunsmiths put a lot of attention in the construction of the sporting tube: the presence of interchangeable chokes in fact, requires painstaking work to minimize the gap between the choke site and the latter, making very precise barrels that guarantee exceptional patterns.

Series Zenith

2019 marks the year of birth of the new Breda Zenith, the over&under shotgun that has everything it takes to become a legend in the world of sport shooting. Officially launched at IWA international exhibition in Nuremberg, the new Breda over&under sport shotgun comes from the specific requests of shooters from all over the world looking for a professional over&under with high technical performance and typical Italian aesthetics.

Even for this new over&under shotgun for clay shooting, Breda chose the wise creativity of expert master engravers of Val Trompia: the marvellous engravings and the refined decorations give the new Breda Zenith an elegant style, between classic and contemporary, able to excite and amaze.

Slim profile and very clean design join the sportsman in a pleasant, safe, and captivating shooting experience.

The locking system of Zenith over&under is composed by a pair of upper pins with the locking plate allocated in the lower part of the monoblock, in line with the hinge pins: a solution expressly developed to obtain a very solid and safe closure.

The design of the new Zenith over&under shotgun for clay shooting also lets the user to have the possibility to change independently both the locking pins, the locking plug and the cross draw to offer greater comfort and maximum durability over time of a truly exceptional product.

Available in a sporting version with interchangeable chokes and barrel lengths of 71cm, 76cm and 81cm or in a Trap configuration with barrel length of 76cm mobile or fix chokes. Currently developed in 12 gauge, the new Breda Zenith is available in two colours, black and nichel, both combined with real top-quality walnut wood. The golden plate on which the mark is engraved is inserted in the receiver at the end of last finishing phases.