Breda wanted to dedicate a version of the small gauge from ASTRO20 range to undisputed the queen of the wood, dressed in the colors of autumn and certainly the most fascinating in the hunting world: the woodcock.
ASTRO20 Woodcock stands out for its lightness (only 2,5kg) and ideal for long outdoor experiences in the woods; it fits a dedicated 24” (61cm) light barrel, without rib, with LPA front sight and interchangeable chokes. Only the best for the queen of hunt.

Series Astro

Astro is the first shotgun with inertia driven system in the range of semiauto by Breda. Thanks to its one-piece, light alloy receiver, Astro has established on the market as a solid shotgun with a neat line.

Astro doesn’t age and even after 30 years from its first launching, it has become a milestone, carving out a place on Breda product range and in the heart of all hunters who have chosen and choose it every day.