the brand new Ermes L Athena

Published on 2014-04-04 on
the brand new Ermes L Athena

 Ermes L Athena, a tributo to Breda’s engravings tradition

Hermes Athena with his extended and smart engravings wants to pay homage to the glorious tradition of the oldest engraved Breda semi autos. By a strong past we can build a solid foundation for a bright future and remember the traditional models with such dedicated versions giving attention to details in the best way .


The older models long recoil functioning are still appreciate as an example of timeless beauty.Officially presented at IWA2015 in Nuremberg, Hermes L Athena has received acclaim from many markets attentive to detail and quality of the product . Fitted with superior walnut woods the Athena will join the most exclusive hunters from all around the world .

Available at the following LINK the Ermes Athena’s page.