We are glad to explain shortly our vision and method concerning the wood selection and purchasing process.

First of all the selection of the raw blanks of walnut is made by the same Breda expert that supervise the oiling process of the stock accepting the incoming sets at assembling line. We are proud to inform you that 100%, yes 100%, of the walnut blanks for our Breda shotguns, medium and high range, are selected by hand and purchased one by one.

Here some pictures of the selections process:

Breda avoids to use laser technologies to enrich the grain of the wood in order to supply an high quality std product.

One important step is made by the expert stockmakers that care the polishing and oiling processes in order to provide at the assembling lines high end sets. Here some example of luxury stocks available for Breda owners that wish to replace their sets or for new guns outgoing from the assembling line.