Breda barrels manufacturing


Breda shotguns are famous throughout Italy and Europe for their high quality steel barrels. These high quality barrels are the result of superior scientific technology, ballistic design, and the highest quality materials. Each barrel begins life as a solid bar of tri-alloy steel. Breda removes 90% of the barrel material using special drills that avoid external stress. This process if far superior to the more commonly used process of hammer forging which can change the metallurgic properties of the steel.BREDA_BARRELS_2000px The chamber and choke are then prepared without changing the position of the barrel on the machine guaranteeing the greatest concentricity mechanically possible. Next, the interior of the barrel is lapped in using special stones that polish the internal surface to reduce friction. The rib is hand fitted to the barrel by skilled gunsmiths. The barrel is then cleaned, tested, blued, and chromed.

This entire process takes more than a dozen skilled craftsmen almost 50 days to complete. While this tedious attention to detail may seem like overkill to some, it is what makes Breda the best semiautomatic shotguns in the world.