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Posted by Breda, on 06/23/14

We our proud to offer to our dear customer this special offer concerning our high quality chokes. EXTERNAL QUICK CHOKE 12 GAUGE: NAME OF THE KIT: CHOKES INSIDE THE KIT: kit A: 0,50 *** AMPLIATOR 1,00 * kit B: RING


Posted by Breda, on 05/21/14

Breda has decided to give to all his customers the opportunity to buy spare barrels for some of historical shotguns!, The barrels are brand new and taken directly from the Breda warehouse in Italy!   This very special offer is

Breda Ermes

Posted by Breda, on 02/27/14

Soon available worldwide in the shops… Our Breda Ermes strike again the market. Many of our customers ask us to put in production again a milestone of Breda’s history. Produced for few years our Ermes collected many orders all over


Posted by Breda, on 05/30/13

SUPER-BREDA! Over the past two years noted Italian gun maker Breda has concentrated on its latest range of semi-automatic shotguns for the regular hunter and sportsman that uses the popular types of standard ammunition and these have been well received.


Posted by Breda, on 08/07/12

Breda is a company that continually strives for improvements, its policy being to pay ongoing attention to and focus upon the style and aesthetics of their products. Never afraid to experiment they have discovered that very often it is the

New Echo T9

Posted by Breda, on 06/06/12

The range of Breda is getting bigger and Breda is now proud to announce the new Echo T9, so called Echo Tactical which marks the beginnings of Breda in the military looking guns segment. The T9 comes from the Echo’s a new website totally dedicated

Posted by Breda, on 06/01/12

Soon will be available a new website totally dedicated to our Xanthos 12gauge. Here you can find the link; actually there is only the italian language but we are still working to prepare the english translation a soon as possible.

2012 Breda’s exhibitions

Posted by Breda, on 01/23/12

Along the 2012, Breda will display at the most important exhibitions: the next two will be Hunting Show at Vicenza (Italy) and IWA  in Nuremberg-Germany. Here below the dates and our booth number so we hope to meet many of

(Italiano) Xanthos Limited Edition Ceramic Tecnology

Posted by Breda, on 01/13/12

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

Talking about Breda

Posted by Breda, on 01/10/12

The Breda Meccanica Bresciana company was founded in 1953 when the giant National Breda holding company was divided to facilitate future civilian and military production. It has become a famous brand in shotguns, manufacturing both semi-automatic and O/U types and